Monday, August 27, 2012

9 Projects: Back-to-School-ish Things to Make

First day of school for Beeper here in Minneapolis, and I am feeling a little blah that it is already the end of summer.  How did that happen?  I kind of want to have a little tantrum--lay down and kick my feet and demand another vanilla vodka lemonade and a swim in the lake--know what I mean?  But, I am yanking up my boot straps and trying to get myself some back-to-school-ish inspiration.  How about that lovely vintage book as a retro-fitted drawing caddy?Or those pencils remade with washi-tape (hello 10-minute-project)?  Or those clever fruit stickers for a brown bag lunch-time surprise?  Or a couple of blanket-stitched felt hearts to tuck in a pocket for a bit of love throughout the day? Or those charming animal face barrettes for some elementary-school-day style?  Pretty, colorful, cool--right?  

Here are all the project links for you to get your own back-to-blah, I mean -school, groove on:


Anonymous said...

Thank you for including my hearts in your lovely list.

I think i might have to make some pencils for myself...

Holly said...

Those hearts are so perfect (and simple to make which only adds to their perfection). Yes, I am all over making some of those pencils too...(and the fruit stickers--I cannot wait to suprise my boy with some of those in his lunch)