Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crocheted Hats and Conversations with My Fake Boyfriend

My friend Carrie crocheted the hats with the red initials Beeper and Mr Beeper are wearing.  They love their hats and like to wear them around our drafty old house.  She crocheted them during an afternoon she spent sitting on our sofa chatting with me while our husbands watched football upstairs and our kids made their own videos on an iPod, giggling hysterically the entire time.  I wish I knew how to crochet a hat in an afternoon.  

But what I really want you to know about Carrie is that she has this clever and funny Tumblr called Conversations With My Fake Boyfriend.  It features photos of guys--really attractive guys--and snippets of conversations she imagines they are having with her.  Here's a sample--a New Year's Eve post:
“Would I be standing in this library if I didn’t think staying in on New Years’ Eve wasn’t a capital idea? Wearing my jammies and smoking jacket? Of course not. Now put on your yoga pants, glug that Fresca and stay hip deep in your book, baby girl.”

I read it every day because it never ever fails to make me smile--plus it is a minimal reading commitment since it usually contains no more than 2-4 sentences.  Try it out--I mean, if you like to smile, laugh or just look at photos of hot guys.

Oh, and Carrie is actually a writer in her real life.  Her first YA novel is will be published this spring--it's called Sex and Violence--and yes, it does contain both sex and violence in the story.  You can find out more about Carrie right here

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