Thursday, December 5, 2013

25 Awesome Etsy Toys and Gifts for the Kiddies

 I don't know about you but every Christmas I am always amazed by all the lovely, lovely toys on Etsy.    It is inspiring to see all the creativity and handmade care that is out there.  The plushies alone make me crazy with happiness.   I also never get over the good feeling of buying something handmade for a gift—I mean, handmade is cool and so are the craftspeople who make the stuff.  You feel me?

Check out those colorful animal alphabet blocks—modern and classic.  Or what about those uber-sweet crocheted sheep?  I always adore what Cotton Monster has to offer (in fact, just bought Beeper his third googly-eyed monster—as he refers to them—because he loves having a posse of monsters in bed with him to keep him safe).  Under-Appreciated Animal Fact Cards?  Yep, love.  And I adore every single thing that Poosac makes (best shop name ever).  Oh, and those silk-screened leggings?—must add a pair of those to my own Santa list in the big people sizes (yes, there are adult sizes). 

Now:  go visit the toys pictured above or the shops they are in—go on now, awesome holiday shopping awaits…(toys listed from left to right by row) 

I will be back tomorrow with my 25 Etsy picks for kiddie stocking stuffers, if you care.  Stocking stuffers—totally on my list of favorite things in the world…

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Rose said...

So glad you are back to the blog! And yes, I do care about the stocking stuffers. Looking forward to the post.