Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Make This: Valentine's Balms

Beat this: what's more classic for Valentine's Day than chocolate and roses?  Yep--not much else out there more classic than this pairing...but the debbie-downer-side to these things is that chocolates make you fat and lazy while roses just die and drop their sad wilted petals all over the place.  These chocolate and roses though add neither calories nor detritus to your home...
Yep--Valentine's balms--one for the lips, the other for all the places you would apply perfume.  You come out tasting great and smelling awesome.  And, as it turns out, making balms is so crazy easy.  Once you have your supplies, you can whip a dozen of these up in less than an hour.  Seriously.
Add some colorful washi tape to the tops and they instantly say love and romance and other tasty sentiments (Plus, don't you love the simple look of a strip of washi tape on just about anything?  How can a strip of tape add so much?  The washi has little bits of magic embedded in it, I think...)
Oh, and that?  Well, that is just reflective of my washi tape love....did someone say addiction?  Obsession?  OCD hoarding?  No, no--it is just love.  Plain and simple.  
Happy Valentine's Day.


Sovania said...

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Tina Peterson said...

Hi - I actually use 10-12 ghiridelli chocolate chips to flavor and color my lip balm as well as peppermint or wild orange EO to scent/flavor & its therapeutic benefits. Your little tubs turned out really cute :)