Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fabrics for a Revoluzzza Monster

I purchased some new fabrics recently from Crafty Planet. I have not made anything with them yet, but have been quietly pondering their potential and what they might become. Of course, I do have some ideas (I am not known for any shortage of ideas--my husband likes to say I am "cursed with vision"--meaning, he is cursed with having a wife with vision that he is doubtlessly enlisted in the realization of...)...Like this fabric (above) from Alexander Henry called "SEW NOW! SEW WOW!". I was actually at the register purchasing all my yardage, when I suddenly noticed this at the front of the store--and I just walked away in mid-purchase, in a love-daze (red hearts popping out from my eyes, no doubt), reaching out tenderly for this fabric. I love the sewing theme, the colors, the psychedelic style. So, of course, I bought some. It is actually a nice hefty cotton canvas. I still get weak in the knees just looking at it all folded up in basket of fabric across the room. My plan is to sew up some sort of bag from it in which I can stash my in-progress sewing projects for when I want to take them with me to the coffee shop, a friend's house, airport, whathaveyou.And as further proof to my undying love and adoration of this particular fabric pattern--I actually bought another couple of yards in the black and white version (above)--with the plan to recover my current idea board with it (part of a larger re-organization and decor update to my workshop--more on that in a future post).But today my immediate purpose for some of this new fabric became clear to me--it is to make a couple of these freakin adorable monster dolls designed by Revoluzzza. She so kindly is sharing this FREE pattern and tutorial on her blog--you can download the pattern here. The very nicely laid out tutorial with step by step photos is on her blog here. And her work is so amazing--utterly modern and lovely. Everything is so beautifully constructed--and all those the colors make my heart sing an operetta.
Couldn't you just die from all the loveliness? You can also buy her plushies--get your very own Revoluzzza monster or doll--right here.

But, yes I plan to make a couple of her Monster Ninnis for my March Toy Society drop--and technically, they will not be dropped, but will be sent to the Toy Society as part of their handmade plush donations for the victims of the Australian bush fires. If you are interested in making something to donate--you can learn more about that here. And why wouldn't you, really--I mean, if you can operate a needle and thread? Something so seemingly small can make a big difference for a child who has lost so much.


Rebecca Jones said...

love your new fabrics, the sew now!sew wow! one is fantastic! And thanks for the link to for Revoluzzza, her toys look great. I made some toys for the bushfire appeal too, can't wait to see what you make.

Martha Cavazos Fipps said...

I love the Sew Now Sew Wow fabric from Alexander Henry too. I did the same thing as I was getting fabric cut at the cutting counter. It's making me change the color scheme in my sewing area. I've made several things and my room is a work in progress. Check out

Patty O'Furniture said...

You have inspired me to do the same.

LOVE this idea.