Thursday, March 5, 2009

Batman Story Book and Other Toys for Pre-School Superheros

Yes, Beeper's deepest pre-school desire is to be a superhero. He LOVES them like crazy. Every morning he and Mr Beeper play a game where Beeper must overcome some sort of supervillan that shoots cold jelly and globby oatmeal (yeah, I know--I didn't make it up though...). Also, every wish of his somehow incorporates something to do with a superhero like Superman, Batman, Spiderman (the triumvirate of all superheros), or any of the lesser heros--Flash, Green Lantern, Wolverine, Elongated Man (yes--there is a real superhero named that) we are always on the lookout for cool superhero toys that don't involve plastic action figures that will lose a limb upon being thrown at the pavement the first time (suffice to say we've had to take superman to Mr Beeper's workshop "hospital" many times for limb re-attachments).So, I wanted to share a few of our favorites with you. First off--Beeper loves books--perhaps more than he even loves superheros. And when we found this book--Batman: The Story of the Dark Knight by Ralph Cosentino--well, it was love all around. First off, it is an actual children's storybook with colorful, full page illustrations, aimed at children (i.e. no blood or gore--although Beeper is completely fascinated with blood and has to look closely at other people's cuts--but then promptly declaring it made his tummy sick).But what I really love about this book personally are the illustrations--they are so cool and slightly blocky and very retro (like Batman himself--check out that bod and those gym shorts--hubba hubba).The book really tells the story of how Batman became Batman and what he does now that he is Batman--you know, stays fit, meditates, cruises around in the Batmobile and... captures all supervillans that seem to have relocated to Gotham City. It keeps him busy.The other toy I really dig and that Beeper seems to like too are these cool AND handmade superhero accessories found at Little Hero Capes. They make all manner of superhero accoutrement in a variety of colors and designs--including masks, powercuffs and capes. They are sturdily constructed from a nice, heavy satin--standing up to even the abuse they are subjected to when worn to preschool, passed around amongst the kids, drenched in spilt milk, and wrestled off of one another's wrists. Also, you might like that Little Hero Capes dontates 10% of their sales to charity--very super-hero-like of them.

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