Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Handmade Antidote to the Littlest Pet Shop

Have I mentioned how crazy I am about chickens? Yeah, I am. Also, I am quite fond of teeny weeny little things--I mean, when you can just scoop something up in the palm of your hand, how can you help but love it more? So I guess this Bitty Birdie's creation was inevitable. Like my Bitty Bebes, these will come with all the normal bitty accoutrement--bib, teeny plushie, blankie, button-tufted cushion, hat, diaper, and a little quilted box in which to keep it all tucked away safe and sound. I will have two of these for sale in my Etsy shop soon, very soon. Call them my handmade answer to those awful plastic-y Littlest Pet Shop sets.

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Ruth said...

They're sooo deliciously cute! I keep coming back to see them! All of your work is so adorable. It has a sweetness to it that you don't see in just anybody's crafts.
Now that I've done all the buttering up (sincere buttering, I promise!), any chance you could email me the clipart you used to make the sewing cards a while back? I'd really appreciate it. They were perfect. Thanks!