Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Do you download your own personal copy of LMNOP quarterly? If not, you should. Not that I am advocating anything here--but I guess I am. I love it. And I am not so attached to magazines about STUFF--but I just find the STUFF in LMNOP to be really inspiring and it makes me want to design more of my own STUFF.This quarter's maagazine is dedicated to the alphabet. How rad is that? The alphabet? Is there anything cooler? Really. I love the alphabet.
So, you should go download your own copy of LMNOP if you have not done so already. And yes, it is yours for NOTHING. Yep, free. Not many things in this world look as great as this PDF magazine and are free...at least not anything you can go to RIGHT NOW and download RIGHT NOW for absolutely free. So check it out--you can get the latest issue right here.
All photos and images in this post copyright of LMNOP.

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