Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Fast Get Away

For those interested, or who were keeping an eye out, the Bitty Birdie was listed some time during the night and sold. She is sitting here on my desk for now, eager to meet her new family. I await word on where she will be flying off to...certainly to someplace where the people are generous and love chickens--which is perfect for her.

Lots of stuff still over in the Craft Hope Etsy shop--take a moment and have a look around. And for those thinking they may still want to donate something--they will be accepting donations until Wednesday evening and then will list all they have and take a moment to regroup and consider how to sustain what has been an overwhelmingly successful project--but one is currently not sustainable for those running it. So the moral of this story is, get your donations in if you have one you want to make and little chickens must be watched at all times or they may make a fast get away in the night.


Elizabeth said...

I'm so happy somebody snatched the chicky up for a worthy cause, I was just hoping it would've been me. Maybe you'll put another one up in your shop sometime. I'm making your beanbags tonight and the next few nights leading up to my son's 1st birthday on Saturday. Thank you for the tutorial.

Anonymous said...

awww, i was on the lookout for her too!!!! =(
ah well, i was in a dilema trying to decide what to buy! XD
but, still. it amazes me sometimes how nice and kind people are, despite all the negativity that's always on the news. <3