Saturday, February 20, 2010

In My Shop: Plushie Duckie Blankie & Shake It Baby Wrist Rattles

I admit I went a little bit around the bend on the baby-stuff-making, but I think I am just about over it now. Between the rattles, the duckies, the wrist rattles, the ribbon plushies, the onesies, the bunnies, and the blankies, well it has gotten a little goo-goo-ga-ga around here. Quite frankly, I am surprised Mr. Beeper hasn't sat me down to ask if I was trying to tell him "something" (and that would be a "no, I am not, so no worries, honey").

But for today, I have a few new baby items I have added to my little shop--some wrist rattles for the littlest of little ones who want a little shake, rattle and roll on their tiny limbs, and a couple little duckie blankies made from that ubiquitous organic cotton fleece (and I do love those blankies--they were inspired by something Beeper has been sleeping with since he was a wee babe). Find them all here.

I've still got the Beeper Bebe for Your Baby Pattern set coming...but after that, I really am done with all this baby stuff and am moving onto making something that is aimed at someone other than the infant-set.

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