Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sidebar Remodel and Additions

You may have not noticed me, but I have actually been over there in the sidebar most of the weekend, doing a little updating and refurbishing. While the look of the buttons has not changed, think of them as doorways into some existing rooms that have been remodeled, and others that are entirely new new additions to the Chez Beeper Bebe house. Let me give you a brief tour...

I know the doorway into this room is the same size as all the others, but it actually opens into a pretty big room. There is a lot here--links to kiddo-centric blogs and other websites that are our favorites. Really, this addition is a portal to a world of projects, activities, downloads, and printables. For kids only. I have also added some links to some my own favorite toy shops and sites, just because I so love toys (highly recommend checking out the MOMA and Tate On-Line sites). Oh, and there at the end, well, that's just some links to a few of my own blog entries with some things to do or make with your own kiddies.
This is something I have been meaning to put into place for ages--some links to a handful of projects/tutorials/downloads I have come across that I love and want to share. I plan to update this regularly with new links, and will try to let you know when I do--but really, just try to make a visit to it every now and again so you can see what else is out there that is inspiring me.

Couple of my faves out there right now are the uber-adorable sweet pea pilot cap from Sew Liberate, the stamp carving tutorial from Geninne's Art Blog, the fabric remnant notebooks from Scissor Variations, and the slotted building discs from Made by Joel.

This one is rather self-explanatory, and perhaps a little embarrassing, but somehow I felt compelled to put it up here. Just a few links to the interviews I have been asked to do in the past few years, as well as some silly TV clips from when I was at the No Coast Craft O'Rama. Go view them if you have some time to waste.

Made some updates here. Swapped some out some of what was there for some new loves (no worries, Amy, you are still on my list--my devotion is eternal to Sweet, Sweet Life). Go take a blog jog and have a look at some of those you might not already know.

Just some minor changes here--but you will see, the books I have made posts on are all listed by title and author now. Just to make it a little easier for you to take a look at those you may have never heard of before (in case you care, two all-time faves of mine: Big Mama Makes the World and Little Smudge).

Now, go have a look around over there. I'm just going to go pour myself a glass of wine and put my feet up after a long weekend of linking...but feel free to make yourself at home.


rachel said...

I'm a lurker who just wants to thank you for all this great organization. I love your blog. Your link at the end here to the Big Mama post is broken. I think it's missing its "h" in "http". Thanks again!

Holly said...

Thanks, Rachel for de-lurking and for the note about the broken link. Glad to have you here.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for listing my blog here :-) waht a nice surprise! I will link you back so that i can follow you, X Julie

Amanda Pedro said...

your weekend work is appreciated and looks good. Also, thanks for the heads up on the Made by Joel site. I love it!! So different and nice to see a male craft site. I'm going to make some of the slotted discs for our 24 hr. road trip!
Off to cruise your site some more...
thanks for sharing

Jill said...

Hi Holly

I just found your site this morning, and have got nothing done since I've been having such a good look around! I LOVE the parachuting charater tutorial especially, and will certainly be coming back! Thanks for sharing all your fantastic work and ideas!


Holly said...

Amanda--I am so happy to share Joel's site with others. It was an instant favorite as soon as I found it. And the talent he possesses is much inspiration to be had.

Julie--thanks for linking. and my pleasure to share your beautiful blog with whomever happens to stop by my blog.

sarah said...

I really love your blog. I'm going to check out all your links.

Also, I enjoy your sense of humor and ability to say what you are really thinking in a funny, smart way.

Thanks. :)