Thursday, December 8, 2011

Eat and Drink This: Truffle Kettle Corn and Cranberry Fizz Cocktail

I first ate truffle kettle corn about 6 months ago at The Red Stag Supper Club here in Minneapolis.  It blew my mind--the combination of flavors was so much euphoria in my mouth.  I imagined it must be a little like shooting up heroin because it was so hard to stop eating and it was so good.  And then I became obsessed with learning how I could cook up my own version at home.  As it turns out, it is easy.  Once you locate where to buy a bottle of white truffle oil, you are so in business.   The hardest part is not burning the sugar, but after I figured out that you should wait to add it until your popcorn has begun popping, that was no longer a concern.  Okay, you do still have clean out the pan which does get seriosuly gunked up from the cooked sugar once it cools, but just put some water in it and let it soak until the next day and it will not be so much of a prob.  

Needless to say, this is perfect holiday gathering food.  So easy and inexpensive to prepare (yes, the truffle oil is not cheap, but a little goes a long way so think of it as an investment in your mouth's happiness) in mass quantities.   All you need to accompany it is an easy little holiday-ish cocktail--so I made up one of those too.  Again, this drink is easy to make by the carafe, delish and refreshing without being overly sweet.  And it is a perfect complement to the truffle kettle corn--and listening to holiday music while you deocrate your tree or play games with your kid or have friends me, this is your holiday go-to dish and cocktail to serve up at a moment's notice.  They feel a little special but they are so easy to make.  Just try it.  Let me know if you too find yourself a truffle kettle corn junkie too.

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Anne said...

This is so belated, but I just adore this recipe and am glad you posted it! I've made it several times and it rocks the socks off of everyone who tries it.