Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alien Summer Squash and X-Rated Lilies

Ever seen a summer squash like this? My husband thinks it looks like a UFO. It is a variety of summer squash that apparently hails from Yugoslavia--it was one of thos impulse buys at the Friends Plant Sale I buy my seedlings at every year. I mean, I love summer squash, so why not something a little Yuogslavian? The only problem is, I have no idea what to do with it. Do any of you know? Is there some special way you are supposed to prepare Yugoslavian Summer Squash? Do I merely need to drink lots of hard, home-brewed liquor--like rakija--while cooking? Does it taste like chicken--or like all other summer squash? Anyone got a good recipe for this sorta squash? (and yes, those are the standard non-descript zucchinis lounging modestly in the background--we already ate those cuz I know how to cook them).

In other summer news, all our Oriental and Asiatic lilies seem to blooming at once this year--and just as I am am embarking upon two weeks of travel for work--bastards (at work, not the lilies). But here are two of my faves:

This is one is a Blackout Lily. So gorgeously malevolent looking.
And this sexy little number is called a Centerfold Lily--yep, that's right. Better not let the kiddies look too closely at this one or child protective sevices may be on your doorstep--or worse, some evangelical christian fundmentalist group who are gonna censor this flower.

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