Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Swallowed by Belgium

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, the bitty bebes shoulda been posted by now--they really are mostly finished and I have one entirely finished and will likely post that one later tomorrow...but, well, it is my dayjob that has this way of swallowing me whole. So, I am in Belgium this week for work--Mechelen, charming little village just outside of Brussels.
So you see, I am consumed by not only work, and meetings, but also late nights sitting out on the square while drinking wine and whiskey with my lovely work colleagues, and then there is are all the freshly made frenchfries dipped in homemade mayonnaise, and also the coffees--and did I mention the chocolate that they seem to find a way to work into every meal you eat? And that is what happened to me this week.
Consumed by summertime in Belgium. How can I not just give into it? I mean, could you?

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