Saturday, February 14, 2009

Guatemalan Romance

Psst...I have a secret to share--I have been in Antigua, Guatemala for the past few days with Mr Beeper--a little anniversary trip we were able to snag with the help of friends (to watch the littlest Beeper), and also because I was already down in these here parts this past week doing some work in Honduras. So, we thought, why not Antigua?
And you should know--I adore this part of the world--Central America, that is. And reckon Antigua is one of the most beautiful places in this area, and maybe even in the world. And it is also perfect for a little anniversary rendez-vous.Antigua is strolling the cobblestones streets, drinking excellent coffe mid-afternoon, hanging out in the Parque Central and watching the locals, drinking lots of margaritas and beer over fresh guacamole, and just being there. Full stop.Mr Beeper and I have been perusing the local market, appreciating all the lovely local produce...
...eating fried chicken (pollo frito) and freshly made tortillas at little family run restaurants (with sweating brown bottles of Gallo on the side)......listening to the excellent brass band, performing just off the parque central......and eating the best tres leches cake ever at Cafe Condesa.And in between all that? Just hanging out at our lovely little hotel (Cissus Hotel--highly recommend it), with our little courtyard. Resting mid-afternoon, reading books, blogging...And Mr Beeper has made a new friend here--Martin, the shoeshine boy. We met him in the park when he very persuasively (but unsuccssfully) tried to convince Mr Beeper he needed to have his shoes shined--well, Mr Beeper offered instead to shine Martin's shoes, then paid him 10 quetzales for the priviledge. I was never happier to be married to him than at this moment--watching him shine this local kid's shoes, bringing a big smile to his face. Yet again--one more reason I so love Mr Beeper.

And if you are interested, you can see more of Antigua's beauty here.


Juddie said...

Lovely! This made me smile!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are SO beautiful! I looked at the whole slideshow on Flickr. We are leaving for Antigua on Thursday for a week & staying at the Cissus. I have never been to Antigua or Guatemala at all, & your photos really made me excited about going. Thank you for posting them.