Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Toy Drop in Antigua

For my monthly toy drop, I decided to join the Valentine's Day drop hosted by the Toy Society--and knowing I could do it while in Antigua made it all the more groovy. You see, I have actually been to Guatemala a couple of times before for work and having hung out in Antigua, I immediately thought of all the little indigenous Mayan girls who hang out in the Parque Central. And just knew I HAD TO make a little doll--with clothes that could be removed just to up the play-value ante.And as you know, one of commitments to myself--besides making a toy drop monthly on behalf of the Toy Society--was that I would use this opoprtunity to make plushies using the patterns of other plushie artists. Which I have been totally digging so far--but I just did not have any doll patterns with clothing readily on hand--so I decided to design my own pattern this month. And here she is--my little red-haired dolly with the heart-shaped mouth, stripey stockings, black boots and beret, wool scarf, flowery tunic and lovely little pale yellow wool felt coat with a peter-pan collar. Of course, she won't need any of these wintery clothes in the ever-temperate climate of Antigua--and little Guatemalan girls may even be bewildered by her wardrobe...but she did come direct from a Minnesota winter...So, Mr Beeper and I did make our drop on Valentine's Day near one entrance to the Parque Central--and we went to find a park bench to sit down and see if we could spy who would pick up the doll--and when we turned back, only one minute later, all that remained was a pink ribbon on the ground from here she had been tied to the fence post. Gone, just like that--into some eager receiver's hands.

And need I say it again? The Toy Society is so cool. You really should try it out.


ME... said...

She is adorable. Whoever finds her will be sooooo lucky!

Unknown said...

Very Nice ;-)