Thursday, September 17, 2009

Recipe: Not-Quite-So-Fried Chicken

This was our farewell to summer meal--featuring all the foods you love summer for the most (what's not pictured is the strawberry shortcake we scarfed down for dessert--I think both Beeper and Mr Beeper had seconds on that).

In the past, I have not made fried chicken all that often--even though I ADORE IT and it is probably on my top 10 list of fave foods. Why you say? Well, because you have to cook it in a frying pan, with lots of oil and hot grease, and you have to stand over all that splattery hot grease for quite some time while making it and that sort of grosses me out and then I feel like I have to change clothes before I can even eat dinner because who wants to smell like a short order fry cook? Those are my issues anyway...
But then I figured out through the adaptation and trial of many fried chicken recipes, that you need not smell like a cheap diner at all if you want fried chicken--and no, my suggestion is not to simply go to KFC. You can make DELICIOUS fried chicken right in your very own oven--okay, maybe it is not so fried because you are making it in the oven which means it is technically baked, but I think this still tastes like fried chicken--or just as good as.

If you must know, the tastiness secret is the seasoning and the parmesan and the buttermilk. Intrigued? Salivating maybe even? Well, here is the recipe: DOWNLOAD RECIPE
And the best thing is that you can also use this fried chicken breading on boneless chicken breasts or things--or even cut those up into strips and make chicken fingers for the kiddies and serve some sort of sweet and goopy dipping sauce on the side.

AND, that divine breading? Well, double those ingredients and save half in the freezer so you can whip that out and have a fried (but not really) chicken breast or leg on a whim, whenever you feel like you need a bit of fried chicken that is more baked than fried but still tastes fried.


Anonymous said...

This looks awesome! I am a HORRible cook (do you still like me?) but I will give it a go. My poor kids should have some other protein beside peanut least once in a while!

Holly said...

I still like you. In fact, sometimes I like people who are terrible cooks even more becuase they tend to appreciate my own cooking more...what is unacceptable in my view are people who just do not care about food...what is wrong with those people?

Margret said...

haha, when you called it 'faux fried chicken' in a recent post I clicked over thinking it was a veg version of fried chicken... I got all excited!