Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two-Faced Friend Kits--In My Shop

Perhaps I've gone a bit overboard with the Two-Faced Friend offerings...what with the dolls, the patterns, and now this--a Two-Faced Friend Doll Kit. I've assembled 5 of them and they are all in my shop now--4 girls and 1 boy (because who needs more than 1 boy anyway--one is more than enough to go around).
You say you'd like to know what comes in such a kit? Well, let me tell you since you have expressed an interest:
  • Pre-cut fabric pieces, including pieces cut from some of my favorite vintage feedsack fabrics, body pieces cut from recycled materials (white cotton sheets), and flannel to fully line the doll
  • Coordinated vintage buttons
  • Vintage rickrack trim
  • Wool felt shoes, dress embellishments, and hair
  • An embroidery design for the face(s)
  • Fully illustrated instructions for sewing your doll together
  • Lovely packaging made from recycled grocery bags

This is a limited time offer though because I really am not in the kit making business but thought it might be kind of fun just this once...and also, these sorts of feed sack fabrics do not grow on trees so don't get your hopes up you'll be seeing the fabrics around the Beeper Bebe shop in lots of other guises...I don't think so. I am such a fabric hoarder you're actually kind of lucky they made their way into these kits. It was quite painful cutting into them--but I did it for you. Because I know whoever purchases one of these kits will appreciate the lovely, one-of-a-kind nature of these feedsacks...Anyway, enough about feedsack seperation anxiety. I'm just hoping someone out there might think these kits were a good idea...anyone?

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