Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Bit of DS Inspiration

I realize I am probably about the only crafter who did not know about it, but I just discovered the Denyse Schmidt Daisy Mae fabric line at Joann Fabrics.  Luckily, it was all 40% off when I came across it because as you can see I sort of fell in love with much of what was there.  Not sure yet what I am going to make with it but holiday gift-making is just getting into full swing over here so I suspect some of this will make into some little lovelies for family and friends (although I did actually return to Joann a couple of days later to buy 2 more yards of that blue diamond print so I could make myself a pair of pajama pants with it--it is so retro and old-mannish--which reminds me of this old man's pajama shirt I used to wear with jeans in college--ah, the grunge days of yore...).

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