Monday, December 12, 2011

Sandra Dieckmann's Illustrations

Sandra Dieckmann's illustrations evoke winter for me.  It is the combination of natural themes, the bright colors on pale backgrounds and the stark black and white lines underpinning it all.  I have always said ours is a house that feels right in winter, something about all the dark wood and the glut of drafty windows and the brick fireplace--the house just feels more at home in winter, if that makes any sense--and for these reasons, I feel like her work would be so right at home in my house.
Digital Artist Magazine says this about her work: The best folktales have a dark edge.  Conversely, the best folk art pops with colour--perhaps as a visual way of whistling in the dark, perhaps a celebration of the richness of northern Europe's storytelling tradition.  Sandra Dieckmann's nature inspired illustration has got that elusive, comfortable yet disquieting quality in spades.  Yep.  
 You can read more about Sandra and view more of her work here.  She also has an Etsy shop where you can buy prints, totes, cards and pocket mirrors--and there is an even larger selection of her prints available here, as well as t-shirts and skins for your i-thingies available at Society 6.    Have a look.  She has a lot of wonderful, wonderful work.


Vicki Smith said...

Nice post and a very cool blog. It has a really great look to it.

Joy said...

Amazing illustrations. I especially love the fox


Wild Maple Wool said...

The last one is my favorite--- I just love art like that, such a folksy, hippie touch to a room ;)

Do you ever find it hard to display art with little ones in the house?

Maybe it's me and all my children but soon I'm going to build a shelf at the top of the wall, to keep little hands from smudging the picture ;p

(Woodland Woolens)