Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pre-Schooler Coloring Book

Beeper's pre-school made these coloring books from drawings the pre-schoolers made. Such a brilliant idea--wish it could have been mine. They sold them to raise money for the school--I ordered 3 (1 for Beeper, 2 for gifts). I love trying to guess what the kids were drawing...(a rocket and earth with buildings rising from the sides, I think) (a teepee and sun flowers?)And these are some of Beeper's colorings in his new color book (a stripey rainbow)......and this beautiful abstract drawing that reminds me of a pre-school Miro. Beeper's love of color and how he so judiciously applies it in all shades just makes my heart smile--mostly because it is so like HIM--so much his enthusiastic, sunny, and adventurous personality.


Nikki said...

What a truly brilliant and beautiful idea.

Holly said...

Yes--I agree. We are fortunate to have such a creative teacher leading my son's pre-school.